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Hairstyles Through the Years

Decades pass so quickly.  We can say the same for hairstyles too.  When I look at photos of days gone by, I hardly recognize myself.  At the tender age of seven, I am standing next to my grandparents smiling for

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From Dust to Words to Diamonds

In the twixt and tween of the lines we delicately construct Are the drops of inspiration that fall passionately onto the page Dancing lively letters running and hopping, we selfishly abduct They pull us and we pull them from their

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The tickle from a black eyed night with sultry breeze The sweetness of a serene sleepy eyed Saturday The scent of silky powder on a new born babe Opening the pages of a well-worn tattered book Treasured bits of wrinkled

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On Every Corner

There you are again, on every corner There you are again, on my mind I thought I put your memory away But there you are again in shadows calling I passed that street we once parlayed on It so looked

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She knew he loved her, bedazzled by her… Expressing all his desires… When much time elapsed without a glimpse of her he’d always send her flowers. He knew her heart did not skip for him— resolved, he welcomed her friendship.

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My Favorite Aunt

Throughout the ages there have been numerous famous women called Beatrice. My aunt Beatrice wasn’t famous but nevertheless, she was an icon in my eyes. She wore many hats during her 88 years and pursued all with flair and style.

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The whistling clouds are calling, “Escape, escape, escape” The serendipitous stars are lighting the ephemeral way Let us leap together into the amorphous pillows Weightless from the burdens of the polluted soil Let us thrust upward, forward, no longer wayward

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She recalled passionate times, now long past… kissing with insatiable desire both nearly exploding with longing She recalled dreaming of his touch… waking in the night… drenched in joyful sweat She remembered when they would meet in their secluded, secret

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Emotional Paint

Boxed in cubes, thoughts collide Visions pushed into large blank spots Double sided faces, our distorted pride Seeing only scarlet red and angry black pots Like Picasso Brain weary thoughts melting into disarray Sluggish in their perpetual complex dance Making

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Fragments of Her Melancholic Heart

Fierce passion … love, long ago … lost. Romantic reality transformed to broken memories He watched her daily escape to the lake witnessing fragments of her melancholic heart She spoke to the wind, animals and trees and to great powers

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