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Dealt From Above II

Father above, you dealt Sadness and sorrow from above Upon me—I’d fallen to my knees In my heart, I’d felt you departed Away from me, a love Now my bones tremble, like a tree As leaves drift, freely away I’d

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Prose and Rhyme No. 8 Winter 2013

Dear Reader, Welcome back to Prose and Rhyme.  If you are new to the site, our purpose is to discover and publish poets and writers.  Our site has been up and running for  18 months now.  We are proud to

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FAIREST evil, wicked QUEEN—MIDNIGHT dreams deadly, evil, sleeping spell CASTED—APPLE TREE, she SLEEPS by the river stream—she dreams sweet dreams, castle, far away Moonbeam beauty had not awaken—stars shine bright, LOVE of all sight moonbeam light shines she open her

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Perchance a Friendship

My creative juices were slowly ebbing when I decided to consider a course in Chinese Brush painting.  Such a beautiful medium and I felt with the right instructor, my hidden artistic talents would be unearthed and before I would know

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Diner Buddies

Five a.m., rise and shine!  I was doing what I have done every Monday morning for the past 30 years or so.  I am heading over to Jack’s Place, my neighborhood diner for a hearty breakfast and a chance to

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Father, Can You Fix This Heart of Mine

Father, it was said  You do the impossible things  Yes, I know some of those people who dream  I’d seen some of them that scream  Yes, your mighty king  Upon your mighty throne, blow breath  Waken us everyday  Father can

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Voices of Sandy Hook

Voices of Sandy Hook that forever will be silenced Have wounded the lives of too many, too many When the unimaginable makes its presence When there can be no comprehension, not any For this loss that scorches all those in

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My Private Island

An island of tranquility That encloses the mind And suffocates your ability To capture the rapture of heaven Thick smog of confusion That twists thoughts Into dreaded illusions Of infinite unhappiness, intricately planned

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Serenade me tonight, Let me fall in love With the cold air in the night With your thoughts Wrapped around me Your eyes on my mind Me staring back Making tomorrow mine Night wind, talk to me Bring me the

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New Orleans in the Rain

Clinging to you in the shearing icy rain Hanging onto slippery jacket of wet leather Your motorcycle sliding on the oily terrain Dreams awash, spinning in turbulent weather You, running into the night with open hand Me, chasing, trying to

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