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This is America

This place, the great United States A combination of all fates We try, we fly we sometimes fail To be the best, our holy grail From everywhere come the greats Idols, heroes, this land creates Striving, pushing when life berates

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Born To Be Alive

When the going gets tough The truth makes us free—honesty, dignity, and integrity Free to exercise your mind, to love with everything you are Laughter is light heartedness and thankfulness the same Death cannot be reversed so don’t die before

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Put It On the Credit Card

Today I’m writing you a country song Where everything comes out all right After you done so many things wrong I did a very foolish thing last night Where pain and alcohol greeted me I took the easy path of

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Fata Morgana

She stood there grasping so tightly the brilliant, breathtaking balloons The sun shone so brightly, her eyes closed, she did not see the monsoons Each balloon was painted with a thousand dreams, tenderly tied with lace Bobbing in the wind,

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A Cup of Morning

Blueberry pancakes, Jamaican coffee The sunrise is awaking with arms out for me The flowers were drunk on potent amethyst With sunlight and raindrops they had been kissed Budding on the petals of the moonlight phase They gently open their

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Leaves of Autumn

Desperate, trying to outrun her lonely heart Far to the secluded house She shut the door, sat by the window Entranced, eyes fixed on the tree A strong wind blew, stirring the leaves… Temporary life … She counted them as

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In Our Hearts

There had, when we were sad, never been anyone to Bring togetherness and joy In our hearts The kindness that sparks light In our life When we were down you came around Put a smile on our face In our

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Hopeless what’s the use in fighting we never win we see no light a the end of the tunnel we may be walking the same dark path we walked before there is no way to tell yet there is no

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Fairy Tales III

 Come follow me, here where a bright beautiful rainbow – As gentle winds blow By river streams of gold flow There fish deep sleep, whales splashing tales  Into your eyes  Heaven skies above blue Come follow me, where magic of

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