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Prose and Rhyme No. 7 Fall 2012

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Summertime gone We bid ado Farewell to the season We most recently knew. An explosion of colors So striking – so bold Crimson and orange A sight to behold Air – crisp and clean Energy anew My spirit takes flight

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A Gift

Challenges arise at dawn To greet us on a bright new morn Will it be a day to test? My capabilities within that rest. Much to do – much to learn Complacency I fiercely spurn With childlike wonder I look

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Next Station

You kept my bones so straight, so strong Estrogen you are mine – you belong No time to rest Days full of zest A face that has a constant glow Nowhere in sight a wrinkle or crow. A new day

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Sweet Meadows

Sweet meadows I smell the flower I see the bees around all the flowers People are busy, it almost harvest time The sun is bright Each day I wake up to sweet odour of love For this land I cultivate,

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Life – Now in Session

Chest pains, ladies games Jokers came to make me sane Hear it, feel it, scream it again Snap your heart like chalk Feel it crumble, feel it scrape Against life’s blackboard Only to be erased Keep coming up with problems

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The Unfought Battle

Not the least vanquished In the face of these hopeless years Upon the highest rocks they stand Clad in their shiny armours Awaiting orders to proceed to the battlefield Orders that may never blow forth Not now Hopefully someday The

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Carnival Lady

Zephyr’s rolling here and there between brick flats Clanging of the ice cream truck yanking at my ear My feet ping ponging on the hot cement cracks Cheeks bubbled out in smile as she did appear Crisped light man shirt,

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She Looks Like Aphrodite

Her beauty was entrancing, her features, classically cut, Yet, modest her demeanor, He loved her … He wanted to live his life with her and love her ‘till the end of his days… Unknowingly, he cursed them both… Proclaiming her

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