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Your Are My Lover

You are my lover; you are before all others. You are sweet as a flower; you taste bittersweet sour. You are the sun that shines brightly in the sky; you are so mine. You are the wind that blows softly

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To Donna

To Donna My mind cannot comprehend that anyone would e’re love me. Yet before me stands an angel and a miracle I see. For years I prayed for an answer to what lays in store for me. And perhaps this

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Lost and Found

I cannot seem to muster the will To open my eyes and see To fight the good fight, to break down a wall To struggle and try to be free Inch by inch, I search for a door In this

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The Silly Song Seagulls

                           Silly saucy seagulls sing as they scale the summer sky, They screech and scream their simple song both stupid and insane, But is there something sentient said in the silly song they sing, A message sent from a stalwart

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