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Blind I walk with no direction I fall over and over I cry because I feel helpless Blind I see nothing but I dream of colors I wish I could see my parents But I can only touch and hear

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Cease of Love

Earth filled with silent screams, I was there in the awaiting antrum Waiting for him to be there again…. I had loved him, On earth, felt his fate, Me Nemesis of my own fate. Still, immortal statue of Ever becoming

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Hillside View

I sat Sitting at my bay window very deep in thought It’s the only real place were I zone out from my reality I ponder about things I could have done and could be I am not saying that my

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I say hello I say I miss you I say talk to me I like the way you made me feel last we spoke I like that I look forward to seeing you again I like that I like you

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Love Love is all around We see it in the eyes of a newborn child When you which your child get married When we hurt, the love of other is there to dry our tears Love is so hard to

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We Dance

We dance Light action, it our moment to show the world that we can dance We have one shot, leave it or take it Tap those feet, move the hips, feel the music Jump and fly into the air We

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Prose and Rhyme No. 5 Winter 2012

Dear Reader, Welcome to Prose and Rhyme. Our mission is to discover new writers and poets and to publish original works that have never been published.  Our authors for February include: Davia Richards, Tyler Lara, Nicole Krie, Cynthia Norton, Alicia

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