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Christmas time is drawing near A time of happiness and cheer With gifts around the Christmas tree And food galore and folks to see But don’t forget this is the day A child was born so far away A special

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Halloween Phantom

I rise every Halloween to put fear in your face, And can make monster shapes of the dark in your scariest place. My face is a monsters and I don’t wear a mask, To scare you and chase you is

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Each breath I take, each step I take brings me closer to you. I’m driven by dreams to be successful. I wake up with purpose, renewed strength, To have to face the worst times— And come out with a smile

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Kiss of Death

…Kiss of death, felt your poison rush through my veins… Consume my body and violate my soul… Open me up and let the light in I trusted you with my heart I thought you would stay forever Apparently I was

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Santa Clause

I am the big guy in the red and white suit, I eat your left for me snacks, and sometimes your fruit. I can magic down your chimneys, and through your doors and windows too, to deliver your children’s presents,

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Balancing Point

standing up straightly and holding a stance performing the actions to stay in the dance leaning a bit to the left or the right a perfect sensation you just cannot fight the young toddler child is learning to stand by

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Mind Talkers

To all you people who talk in your mind, Let me just let you know that I am one of your kind. You can discuss world issues without uttering a word, That’s the beauty of mind talking, you can never

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Santa Smells Like Moth Balls

      In the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, in the 1940’s, around 1947, or so, I was a youngster. I suppose that I had a very typical childhood  for that era. My family was considered Middle Class. My father had

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Wanting Sleep

NOW! Hours waiting Heavy eyes Not knowing Shallow breathing Eerie Dissolute Listless It’s called sleep

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Air Quotes

two digits are bent in a way to define words that we like to be underline meant in good humor to bend up your lip we think it’s a way to make us all hip there’s no italics or other

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