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Sorrow Love

The thought that I am an X Hardens my soul. Met guys in the past— When I told them about love, Were so fast to vanish. Now, am certain that guys are the same. But when I got with you,

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Feeding the voids i once fed with drugs, sins, and lusts, i found the one to really trust. and in my confinement, God showed me not to take life for granted this is a temporary assignment. see i come from

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Angel and Addiction

A sweet soul, An addict, A mother, An addict, Beautiful, An addict, Fun, loving, caring, smiling, An addict, Full of life, An addict, Overdose, A dead addict, Addiction to death to Heaven, An Angel. by: Keith Needham

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Striding With Life

Striding With Life Take life with a stride Overcoming all the obstacles with pride Changes that seem to hold you back May seem to keep mounting in stacks Get inner knowledge To receive that edge Of revelation Which leads to

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It’s a strong word, but some of these feelings are absurd. i’m confused… was it not what i believed? was it a phony plan conceived ? to just use me? if so i hate you … so much have to

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the fresh tender bud holds a droplet of dew sprouted from the end of the stem where it grew tilts towards the sun and warmed by the heat leaves grow around and wrap were they meet time lets the bloom

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The Safety Bumper

So I’m talkin ta one a my neighbors who was pointin out ta me thet I ain’t got no bumper on the front a my Jeep Truk. So I says, “an jest what tipped ya off Hank?” “Well an idjut

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One Can Only Try

“I try I give up I speak I stop I smile I cry I try and try and try and try… I want to succeed. I want to be understood. I want to live, laugh, love without thought. I want

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vessels squeeze the flow of blood the flower forms another bud atoms swirl electric force a river shapes a different course lions show a row of teeth courage sparks a pulse beneath nature gives a super rush to bring about

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Living Things

If I could try objects I would enter a tree, and reach my limbs outwards to hug you to me. If I was a tidal wave cruising the sea, I would put my face on it, to show you it

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