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Galaxy Man

My name is Galaxy man and I have alien super powers, I usually stand tall on your buildings and your towers. I have magnified sight to zoom in and see your face, after being blasted by ten alien planets, which

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Seeking the Truth Within

Have you ever put your head down Hiding your frown Wanting to speak Which could lead you to different peaks Always wondering Never exploring But searching the unknown In order to find the known What a glorious day To say

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When on Woodbine Station

When on woodbine Station …. Waiting for my bus I stood It was the start of winter and I was wearing a hood !!! Every one around waited for the scheduled bus Few reading a book and few so tired

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Love in Words

Love is a feeling that comes from the heart, that triggers your emotions to run wild, once they start. Love plays on your mind, and is referred to as blind, as the feelings possess you,  love is one of a

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Wake-up wake-up

Wake up wake up Wake up wake up, the time is near For the evil one is here And he is bringing a storm of fear Wake up wake up, like a lightning bolt From the sky they come hitting

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Tattered Angel

Colors connect When you venture back to reflect. Hearts break . .  when she smiles. . Tears, a silent stream Imperfection on an otherwise perfect canvas. Dreams, laughter in a deserted field. Outward . . A cool vision in silk

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A Sleepless Halloween Night

Disembodied whispers in your ear Ghastly shadows causing fear A chilling breeze flows through your bones. There’s that sinking feeling you’re not alone. Lying motionless in your bed Heart pumping full of dread Darkness lingers through the endless night. The

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Prose and Rhyme, No. 3, September/October 2011

Dear Reader, First of all, thank you to all the poets and writers who have submitted their works to It’s scary to put your work out there for the all the world to see. As you can imagine, the

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