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Ghost Visitor

I am the one that makes bumps in the night, the one responsible for giving you a fright. I am the one that everyone fears, the one who sneaks up to your bed and whispers in your ears. I am

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New World

If I could change Britain food and drink would be free, along with our gas and electricity. The tax system would be scrapped to help out the poor, systems are greedy and always want more. A two day working week

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The Meaning of Life

We are born and fed, and given a cosy bed. We are brought up to go to school, so we don’t become an ignorant fool. We are trained to work for material things, but most can’t afford the best diamond

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I want to be the King, and own most everything. I want to be President too, and do a much better job than you. I want to be the best dressed man, and you can copy me if you can.

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Winter Love

Calm mountain and cool gentle breezes echoes softly throughout the whispering pines. A man’s heart tunes to nature’s harmony, his spoken tender words to his beautiful new bride. Tiny glittering snowflakes floating down, one landing upon the other. Cuddling the

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Grandmother Poem

Sittin’ in the drive your Grandmother’s voice comes to me on the wind and my stomach crawls inside of itself. To do lists and notes fill this notebook next to poems: mine, yours, more. Bugs crawl, birds sing, sweet late

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Dirt cover my body, the amount of food I eat cover my hand, The little cloth I have falls off my stick of a body It all I know this life of poverty I am one of a child of

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The Rapture

It was smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression, and J.D. needed money bad.  He had no formal education beyond the fourth grade and no marketable skills to speak of, but his resourcefulness was unquestioned.  God had endowed

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Faith Faith is believing in the unbelievable Trusting in a higher power I was a lost soul most of my life Living for only enjoyment, making money I searched for purpose My children were my light My own childhood was

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