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Time Will Tell

Time will tell Time will tell if my o heart will stop breaking My old eyes will stop crying tears of sorrow Your were the first one to breathe life outside my body When I said yes, you always said

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Impulsively Awake

Impulsively awake Shocked by new, that enters its base. Clean of banter, hasn’t met the house of rumor. Pure clean white naked exposed. Honest with taste. Walks its pace. Impulsively awake. – ZuZu Gold

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Road Rage

The old pickup was not traveling fast as it made its way north on Route 13 in Delaware to a favorite fishing spot on the Choptank near Denton, Maryland.  The four friends, two men and two women, were yakking animatedly

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Take a journey of the mind and come with me, as we fly through the sky and across the sea. As we fly through the air you will enjoy the breeze, but don’t fly too low or you will crash

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The Fly & the Bellow Man

The fly that glides lands on the skin. Slays the waste of rusty sin. Awakes the man rage with squawk. Slender wings lifty stock. Folly stance seeks it’s bane. No slain in sight no victory to claim. Quick with swift

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Love and Hate

Love and Hate At first it was love at first site I felt that he was my one and only He felt the same way too We would expression our love through, Letter we send every Sunday. But then we

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