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Searching Wondering and watching as the years go by Welcome with words hi and bye But one day my body froze where I was not able to move for a second Excuse me, I beckon What happen to me I

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  When the troubles and worries, Continue to pass you by. Just look up and remember, To keep your head high. Live for today, Not for tomorrow. For god as your savor, Will soon release your lonely sorrow. Even if

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Four Heaven's Sake

A true story.           With my hair wet and combed back like a little boy I found myself standing in a watercolor meadow.  Soft white clouds in a pure blue sky. Green grass on rolling hills. It felt and looked

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Thrill Hollow

Dwight awakened this Wednesday morning with a low-grade sense of dread.  He had just graduated from high school the previous Friday and by all rights should have still been feeling on top of the world.  He had been accepted at

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Color Blind

Color blind I am color blind I don’t see white or black. The sun and the moon are one in my eyes They shine with glory and divine power. I am color blind to religion and war all I see

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Prose and Rhyme, No. 2, July/August 2011

Dear Reader, Welcome back to Prose and Rhyme. Our first issue featured poems by Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp, Jamila M., and David Boykin. In our July/August  issue, we are proud to continue to showcase new poets and fiction writers. We are interested

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In Time

  When struggles turn into success When pain no longer causes the heartache in my chest When I can get off the long road and take the bright path When I can turn a weeping cry into a happy laugh

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